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The #BTW17 Twitter Dataset - Recorded Tweets of the Federal Election Campaigns of 2017 for the 19th German Bundestag
The German Bundestag elections are the most important democratic elections of Germany. This dataset comprises Twitter interactions related with German politicians of the most important political parties over several months in the (pre-)phase of the German election campaigns in 2017. The Twitter accounts of 364 politicians (that is approximately half of the German parliament, the German Bundestag) were followed for almost half a year. The collected data comprise of about 10 GB of Twitter raw data generated by more than 120.000 active Twitter users generating more than 1.200.000 tweets during the pre- and hot-phase of the election campaigns for the 19th German Bundestag. The dataset can be used to study how political parties, their followers and supporters make use of social media channels like Twitter in the context of political election campaigns and what kind of content is shared.
Entities in Donald Trump Tweets
7k Entities, insult and compliment span annotations in Donald Trump Tweets